Florida Conference Lay Organization

"Next Quarterly Meeting will be Saturday,30-December 2023 @ 10 AM EST, via ZOOM. ~ Please refer to the calendar for Zoom credentials. | Please review the Resources Section for additional information

" Favorable, Fantastic, Formidable "

                        Donald L. Russell                  President
                 Connie Jenkins-Pye             First Vice President
                       Marrie W. McQueen       Second Vice President
                      Alicia Washington            Recording Secretary
                          Priscilla P. Salter                   Treasurer
                      Cassandra Jenkins           Financial Secretary
                           Bobbie Bates                        Chaplain
                      Sharon K. Russell           Director of Lay Activities

President's Greeting

Bro. Donald L. Russell

Tallahassee District President

Tallahassee District Officers (2021-2024)