Florida Conference Lay Organization

Our Convention Theme, “Doing the Work” depicts who we are as lay members in the Florida Annual Conference.  For we teach and train in our Conference, Districts of the Annual Conference and Local Churches- during meetings and in other opportunities that presents itself to us.  However, we do not stop there, for we as lay members do the work of ministries in our local churches which supports every community in our Conference. 

We love Justice by joining forces with our clergy and community leaders to speak truth to power, we exercising our voice to encourage others to not only to register, but to educate ourselves on the social issues and to mobilized our community to vote through our AMEV-alert.  We love kindness by giving of our time and talents to work with the outreach ministries of our local churches. 

Members of the Organized Lay Organization are those who operate the cloth closets and food pantries, we work to provide assistance in vaccine sites, senior services and many other outreach programs to help those in need in our communities.  


Bro. Donald L. Russell

          FCLO President

"Next Quarterly Meeting will be Saturday,30-December 2023 @ 10 AM EST, via ZOOM. ~ Please refer to the calendar for Zoom credentials. | Please review the Resources Section for additional information

" Favorable, Fantastic, Formidable "

To the Established protocol of the Lay Organization, surly we honor our Episcopal Leadership, Bishop Frank Madison Reid, III-our Presiding Prelate, and Mrs. Marla Hall Reid our Episcopal Supervisor; The leadership of the Connectional Lay Organization, Mr. Matikan Abednego Mikiti our Connectional Lay Organization President, Ms. Patricia H. Wright our Connectional Director of Lay Activities, Ms. Jazman Williams or Connectional Young Adult Representative;  Our Eleventh Episcopal District Lay Organization leaders, Ms. Patricia H. Wright, President, Ms. Teresa White, Director of Lay Activities, and one of our own, Ms. Ashley Blakely, or Young Adult Representative; Our Conference ecclesiastical leaders, Presiding Elders Carlton Taylor, Valarie Walker, Tan Moss and Ronald Williams, to the Executives of the Lay Organization on all levels, to our Pastors and Ministers of the Florida Annual Conference, and our loyal lay members of the Conference, to our out of Conference guest, visitors and friends, and to All of God’s Children assembled for this Day and ½ Convention of the Florida Conference Lay Organization, I greet you all in the Joy of the Lord.

Greetings from the Florida Conference Lay Organization's President